10 Levels of Attack on Titan: On Piano [Akmigone]


Découvrez la vidéo 10 Levels of Attack on Titan: On Piano de Akmigone sur Le Fil YouTube de Piano Partage.

Hello and welcome to 10 Levels of Guren No Yumiya from Attack on Titan! Played on the one and only, PIANO!

"Did you play this in one take?"
YES! Absolutely! 100% one take!

"But why does the light changes during each take, making it look like this actually took several hours to record?"
Well you see, just playing this is way too easy, so I also like to change the movement of the sun using my mindpowers while playing, this makes performing the piece slightly harder. Why you may ask? Well, since I'm moving the sun at 4LPM (lightyears per minut) while playing at 90BPM (beats per minut) I have to focus on 2 different tempos at once, which makes this piece slightly harder to perform.

"Makes sense! But how come you have gloves in some takes? Doesn't that mean you didn't record everything in one take?"
Well, that's what it might seem like! But the truth is:
Since changing the movement of the sun still isn't a challenge enough, I also like to change clothes while playing. In some parts I take on my weighted gloves so fast the camera can't keep up.

"Did you say weighted gloves?"
Yes you heard that right! I was pretty tired when recording this so I only went for the 450KG gloves, (450kg for each finger that is). Very lightweight, but somedays you just have to step back a little bit.

"Did you actually play with one hand?"
I have to be honest with you! I did not!...

I actually played with ZERO hands! I played that part with my feet, but the humble guy I am, I decided to replace it with one arm in post so it don't seem too much show off.

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