22 Amazing Film Soundtracks in 18 mins (Piano Medley) [Karim Kamar]


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A Medley of some of my favourite film scores/themes/soundtracks. Im playing a little faster and not as romantic as I would like (wanted to get it under 20mins). Hope you enjoy.

Criteria: I picked this list based upon original compositions (not musicals) from films that I've seen (not just heard about) and enjoyed watching.

Track list:
'Love Theme' - The Godfather 0:00
'The Immigrant' - The Godfather Part II 0:58
'Imperial March' - The Empire Strikes Back 1:56
'Superman March' - Superman 2:44
'Raiders March' - Raiders of the Lost Ark 3:13
'Theme From E.T.' - E.T. 3:32
'Running Man Theme' - The Running Man 4:14
'Terminator Theme' - Terminator 2 5:34
'Batman Main Theme' - Batman Forever 7:04
'Two-Face Three Step' - Batman Forever 7:21
'Truman Sleeps' - The Truman Show 8:03
'Theme From Schindler's List' - Schindler's List 8:52
'Whisper of a Thrill' - Meet Joe Black 9:37
'Omaha Beach' - Saving Private Ryan 10:45
'Theme From Jurassic Park' - Jurassic Park 11:13
'Theme From Deep Impact' - Deep Impact 12:08
'Now We Are Free' - Gladiator 13:04
'Feather Theme' - Forrest Gump 13:55
'Bibo No Aozora' - Babel 14:32
'Love In Distance' - Hero 15:16
'Star Trek Theme' - Star Trek(2009) 15:52
'Time' - Inception 16:59

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