[7th anniversary] Only my Railgun – To aru kagaku no railgun OP1 [piano] [Animenz Piano Sheets]


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Hey everyone, did you miss me?
My university has started again since October, and it's getting busier with every passing day. Since I am taking a break now from youtube because of my studies (read the stickied facebook post if you haven't yet), I won't update my twitter and facebook anymore.

Despite this, I still managed to find some time to record a new video - for a very special celebration:
In a few days, my alias "Animenz" is turning 7 years old!

The first post of my old blog was posted on 11.11.2009, and at the same day I also released my very first sheet: Only my railgun

Back then my sheets lacked extensive "test playing" and there were many passages in the sheet, which were highly uncomfortable to play - especially in the left hand.

I tried too hard to imitate the original song as close as possible, and I was simply lacking experience, how to "efficiently" arrange multiple instruments on two hands. That's why my first attempt of Only my Railgun was almost unplayable and I decided to create a simplified version a few days later.

Both sheets - the simplified and the original one - are still available to download on josh's sheet collection: (search: "railgun" http://josh.agarrado.net/music/anime/ )

Btw, this is the first piece to receive a "full version upgrade" on my youtube channel because I already uploaded the TV-size "Only my railgun" years ago on my channel:

I used my TV size sheet as the basis for this full size version and it took me only a few days to complete the sheet.
Feels good to finally play some anime songs again on the piano, besides my regular classical pieces, haha

Well then, that's it for now.
I'll just quietly disappear again to focus on my studies (I haven't watched anime for 3 months now...)
Let's see I can find some time again to upload a new piano cover on my youtube channel.
Don't have too high expectations though because it's most likely 1 new video every 1-2 months, haha

See you guys again sometime!


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Download the sheet and the midi file here:

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Piano arrangement by Animenz

Original Song: Only my railgun
Anime: To aru kagaku no railgun / A certain scientific railgun
Published by: Geneon Universal Entertainment
Composed by: Satoshi Yaginuma
Performed by: fripSide

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