9 Street Pianists play Beethoven Moonlight sonata (1st and 3rd mvt) [Felipe’s Piano and Friends]


Découvrez la vidéo 9 Street Pianists play Beethoven Moonlight sonata (1st and 3rd mvt) de Felipe's Piano and Friends sur Le Fil YouTube de Piano Partage.

Felipe and 8 pianists give a street piano performance of beethoven moonlight sonata 1st and 3rd movement. Choose your best!

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(DISCLAIMER: This particular video has mostly my own performance, and videos provided by "홍낙현" Channel videos ( https://www.youtube.com/user/hnh7981 ), who gave me a written permission to use his videos to make this video (link to written permission: https://drive.google.com/open?id=17bWh3J5zKduIcCxDD9Nzb9jzS6gcAHWi ). Also, at 6:16 minute mark I use one of my own performances. This video does not violate any Youtube Partner Policies as almost all the video contain"홍낙현" Channel videos who gave me written permission to use them, and my own material. Also, it has high quality editing, by creating a completely new performance, and adding information across the video.

This Channel used to be "Street Piano Videos", a compilation of my street piano performances and others street piano players around the world. I deleted all the material that wasn't mine and hadn't the permission to use it (nealy 150 videos).

I transformed that old Channel into this new one called "Felipe's Piano and Friends". This New Channel its now a piano blog of me and my music friends making public music interventions, with original videos made by us. I will not upload any content that doesn't belong to me again)

Touring internationally since 2008, Play Me, I’m Yours is an artwork by British artist Luke Jerram. Reaching over 10 million people worldwide, more than 1,500 street pianos have already been installed in over 50 cities across the globe, from London to New York, bearing the simple instruction Play Me, I’m Yours.
Located on streets, in public parks, markets and train stations the pianos are temporarily available for everyone to play and enjoy. Play Me, I’m Yours invites the public to engage with, activate and take ownership of their urban environment. Decorated by local artists and community groups, our street pianos create a place of exchange and an opportunity for people to connect.

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