Avengers: Endgame – Trailer Music (Epic Piano Solo) [Akmigone]


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My piano arrangement of the official trailer music "So Say We All" in Avengers 4, composed by The Hulk.

I didn't know The Hulk composed music until this song was released, apparently he works for Audiomachine and have composed many of their most popular epic songs. I actually had the opportunity to meet him and see how he composes such amazing music. It was... quite the experience to say the least...

So first he went to the drums. He looked at every single piece of percussions, snares, hi hats and blocks for a looong time. He takes a deep breath and...


JESUS CHRIST Hulk chill, It's just drums. Or well it was... Sounded very neat though!

He later... I don't really know how to say this...
He looks at the piano, and when I realize what he's about to do it felt like time froze. I screamed HULK NOOOO!
He looks at me, then I hear it, the words that still haunts me.


I closed my eyes, I couldn't look, I couldn't do anything. He completely smashed it, he murdered a innocent piano!!
To be fair it sounded reaaally good! But still, the final notes of the piano is what keeps me up at nights...

He told me that what's you have to do for epic music, and from that day I knew I needed to prove him wrong!

Therefore I decided to show The Hulk that you can play epic music without murdering a piano, and even though it took a looot longer than I expected. Here it is, what the Hulk played on that poor piano (this time without destroying it).
And The Hulk, if you're reading this (which I know you are), seem like you were wrong. And instead of lying let me tell you something that's true.

Shrek would beat you in a fight easy peasy!
I said it!
What you gonna do?
(please don't smash me)
I'm... not afraid of you!!
(please please don't smash me)

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