Beethoven Rock Medley Live – Jason Lyle Black [Jason Lyle Black]


Découvrez la vidéo Beethoven Rock Medley Live - Jason Lyle Black de Jason Lyle Black sur Le Fil YouTube de Piano Partage.

Live on the flagship Celebrity Beyond, summer 2022 in the Mediterranean

"Beethoven Rock Medley" Arranged by Jason Lyle Black, composition & recording copyright 2022 Jason Lyle Black

This song is an excerpt from the show
"From Blockbusters to Broadway: 100 Hits of Stage & Screen"
(known on cruise ships, in abbreviated form, as “The Soundtrack of Life”)
Booking info at
Booking with Charles Ray of Action Entertainment Collaborative

For my YouTube friends - this is obviously not a video game cover or leather jacket video, lol, this is a chance to see what I do as my “day job” - I am a concert pianist and travel the world performing in theaters and on cruise ships.

I am currently traveling through Europe with Celebrity Cruises so won’t have access to my home studio for quite awhile. But I hope you enjoy this live performance video.

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