Bloody Stream – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 2: Battle Tendency [Piano] [Animenz Piano Sheets]


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The second part of my JoJo’s Bizarre Piano Project is Bloody Stream from JoJo Part 2! An old classic from 2013 but nonetheless, it still sounds fresh, no matter how often you repeat listening to it!
My main goal is to make a piano cover with the same groovy feeling like the original song, which I absolutely love. I tried to imitate the bassline melody in the left hand as faithful as possible and the result is a fairly unique rhythm which requires a lot of precise timing from both hands.

The only thing I couldn’t do 100% was to include every single Saxophone melody during the verse (starting from 0:07). My earlier draft had a fairly complicated three-hand technique to include ALL voices from the original song, but at the end it sounded too messy. Instead, I put the focus on rhythmization and precise pedaling to make the arrangement sound good.

I also experimented a bit how to include a "background" rhythm during a calm melody line. The result is the jumpy 0:36 section, where I play rhythmic repetitions above the melody line. It looks more difficult than it actually is: Since the rhythm are all perfectly aligned, it can be played by one hand without too much effort.

Last but not least, I also added some Hamon special effects in 0:52 and 03:55! I think I just discovered the wonderful world of video editing for myself because this is incredibly fun!

Well then, that’s it for today! Thank you for reading this week’s “Animenz Explains!” and see you next week again, in the next JoJo Piano video, featuring music from Part 3!

But before I forget:
Stroheim best character.

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🎹Piano arrangement by Animenz

Original Song: BLOODY STREAM
Anime: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 2: Battle Tendency
Published by: Warner Home Video (2013)
Composed by: Toshiyuki O'mori
Performed by: Coda
#jojo #part2 #battletendency #jojosbizarreadventure

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