Channel Trailer – Felipe’s Piano and Friends [Felipe’s Piano and Friends]


Découvrez la vidéo Channel Trailer - Felipe's Piano and Friends de Felipe's Piano and Friends sur Le Fil YouTube de Piano Partage.

Hello!, My name is Felipe, Civil Engineer and Amateur Pianist from Concepción, Chile. This is my new Youtube Channel, "Felipe's Piano and Friends". Here you will find public piano performances and music interventions of me and my friends David, Hermann, Victor and Guillermo, a group of friends with no musician career related, making music everywere we find the oportunity to play any instrument, and trying to pursue a career with our hobbies.

DISCLAIMER: This Channel used to be "Street Piano Videos", a compilation of my street piano performances and others street piano players around the world. I deleted all the material that wasn't mine and hadn't the permission to use it (nealy 150 videos).

I transformed that old Channel into this new one called "Felipe's Piano and Friends". This New Channel its now a piano blog of me and my music friends making public music interventions, with original videos made by us. I will not upload any content that doesn't belong to me again

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