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This is me and my friend playing the Dragon Ball Z opening on piano, arranged by myself. It took me a while, but really worth it. I recorded it along my dear friend and also pianist LuiGi. He had only two afternoons to learn his part, so I think we have done a decent work!

IMPORTANT NOTE: I know some notes and the instrumental background are slightly different from either japanese, english or other Cha-La Head-Cha-La versions, but my arrangement is based exclusively in the Catalan (similar to Spanish) version, which is the only one I know:

XLuiGiX Channel: http://bit.ly/htGczC
Piano: Steinway & Sons.
Edition: Sony Vegas 8.0.

Lyrics / Letra (Catalan):

Volant, volant sempre amunt, sempre amunt!
na, na, na! Tu amb mi, tots dos junts lluitarem.
Volant, volant, sempre amunt, sempre amunt!
na, na, na! Mai un amic sol el deixarem.

Junts podem fer esclatar un iceberg
Unim les nostres mans,
fem front al mal que ens persegueix.

Llum, foc, destrucció!
El món pot ser només una runa,
això no ho consentirem.
Llum, foc, destrucció!
Els enemics de sempre hem de vèncer,
lluitant fins a la fi.
Llum, foc, destrucció!
La pau a tot l'Univers ha de nèixer,
hem de fer un món molt mes just.
Llum, foc, destrucció!
La força de la veritat mai no morirá,
no morirá mai mai mai mai mai

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