Ending – The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening performed by Dr. Martin Leung [Video Game Pianist]


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Ending - The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening performed by Dr. Martin Leung, piano

Music composed by Yuichi Ozaki arranged for solo piano by Soahc Labo

Best ending gameplay footage "GBC The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX" from tasvideos.org. The video is a tool-assisted speedrun and was created by Swordless Link.

This video was requested by Florian R., a Video Game Pianist Patreon member. Thank you to the following Patreon members: Lee, Drew, Stefan, Vic, Stanley, Erik, David, Frederik, Brian, Florian, Stephen, 88bit, Blackno2, Skydronaut, and Caleb.

Gear and Software
Kawai GX-2 Blak Salon Grand Piano
Prostar gaming laptop
Samson C02 pencil condenser microphones
Focusrite mixer
Logitech C920 webcam
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Photoshop
Open Broadcast Software

Recorded at Martin Leung Studio in Downtown Los Angeles.


"Martin Leung, a pianist who gained fame on YouTube, brought down the house with his signature blindfolded performance of the theme from Super Mario Brothers." -Seth Schiesel, The New York Times

"…a brilliant pianist…" - Leo Cotterell, The Times (United Kingdom)

"Pianist Martin Leung totally rocks the house." - Chris Kohler, Wired

"The concert also included a performance by pianist Martin Leung..." - Grace Jean, The Washington Post

"There were a couple of piano solos by Internet pioneer Martin Leung that garnered some of the loudest cheers." - Scott Iwasaki, Deseret News

"Martin Leung, the “video game pianist” famous for a blindfolded medley of “Mario”
tunes..." - Julio Ojeda-Zapata, Twin Cities

"Nowhere were the contrasting motifs of video-game music more evident than the transition from jubilant -- and blindfolded -- Internet sensation Martin Leung's buoyant rendition of the theme to "Super Mario Brothers" to his later knockout performance of the emotional "Final Fantasy" theme, a layered symphony in itself." - Michael J. Pollack, The Westfield Leader


Dr. Martin Leung is a classically-trained pianist and is known for playing video game music on the piano. In 2005 he coined himself Video Game Pianist™ after a 2004 "Super Mario Medley" video on eBaum's World and gprime.net went viral.

More recently, VGP performed at Gamefest 2018, PAX West 2018, PAX West 2016, the Jonathan Club, San Francisco Comic Con, Indianapolis Comic Con, and at Tampa Bay Comic Con. In March 2019 VGP will perform at Britton Recital Hall at the University of Michigan.

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