Fan poll for arrangement and a Pink Floyd Surprise! [vkgoeswild]


Découvrez la vidéo Fan poll for arrangement and a Pink Floyd Surprise! de vkgoeswild sur Le Fil YouTube de Piano Partage.
This video is about the Fan Poll of the month for choosing an arrangement by you and my patrons!

These are the steps:

1. Patrons suggest songs
2. Youtube-Fans suggest songs
3. From the most favourite songs from both i will choose and do a poll on Patreon for the patrons who have the reward tier to do the poll.
(It could happen, that some songs are not possible because of right issues or similar reasons)

You can be my Patron and support me on
My dream is my own grandpiano, i miss it so much! Maybe with your help it can happen!

Thanks to all my patrons on
especially to: Michael Vignieri and Stephen Farris

You can learn how to play some of my arrangements on flowkey:

Used again the Roland VR-4HD video mixer 🙂 my FB page, with gigs announcements and stuff like that.

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