Final Fantasy VII – Those Who Fight (Piano Collection) ~Grand Piano~【ピアノ動画】FF7-闘う者達 [kylelandry]


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Hello everyone! Thank you for viewing my latest recording of "Those Who Fight" from Final Fantasy VII (piano collections) on YouTube. This is my fourth recording of this epic track arranged by Shiro Hamaguchi, composed by Nobuo Uematsu. If we take it all the way back to 2003 when this arrangement was first released, I would be 13 years old, listening to this track in absolute awe and disbelief, wondering how to make the piano sound like that. It then became my mission to learn this piece. I began studying it the second I could find the sheet music, and oh boy was it difficult to learn for me back then! It ended up taking me years to get truly comfortable with this piece, with many lengthy breaks in between bouts of practice sessions that went on for weeks on end, still studying whatever formal assignment my piano teacher had me working on. If I remember correctly, at the time, Those Who Fight was much harder than anything I was working on with my teacher, and I was undoubtedly too shy to tell her of the music I found from Japan. Good times! Anyhow, here we are, in 2020, and the big remake of FFVII will be coming out soon! What better way to celebrate than with some fresh recordings of the legendary FFVII piano collections!

Cheers and salutations,
Kyle Landry🥰

P.S. Some of you may remember that years ago I promised I would record this track again, and although I'm not entirely satisfied with the recording, here we are, "Those Who Fight" is back again! For those of you who follow my music: I also recorded a short improvisation today, and I'd love to post that as well. See you next time!

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