Game of Thrones – Piano medley (10 character themes) [Taioo]


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Hi everyone! I made this GoT piano medley using the main theme from each house or character. Track list below!
It's not perfect because I played the whole thing three or four times in a row and I was already tired, but anyway hope you like it =)

00:00 House Stark theme ("Winterfell","The north remembers")
00:34 House Greyjoy theme ("What is dead may never die")
01:14 House Baratheon theme ("Ours is the fury", "Throne is mine")
02:31 House Baelish theme ("Chaos is a ladder")
02:51 House Baratheon of Dragonstone/Lord of Light theme ("Warrior of light")
03:44 Jon Snow / The Wall theme ("You know nothing", "The wall")
04:25 House Lannister theme ("Rains of Castamere")
05:25 Arya / Jaqen H'ghar theme ("Valar Morghulis", "The children")
06:10 House Targaryen theme ("Mhysa", "Finale")
07:34 GoT Main theme

Composed by Ramin Djawadi

♫ Sheet music:
Thanks to Mooproxy for the transcription!

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