Guilty Crown OP2 – The Everlasting Guilty Crown (Piano Transcription) [Theishter – Anime on Piano]


Découvrez la vidéo Guilty Crown OP2 - The Everlasting Guilty Crown (Piano Transcription) de Theishter - Anime on Piano sur Le Fil YouTube de Piano Partage.

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For this arrangement, I tried to focus more on the right hand rather than the left. I referenced Pianeet's technique for the right hand jumps like at 1:07. It's not the exact technique, but it was the inspiration. If you're curious, here's the source:

In addition, I changed some chords, but it's barely noticeable anyway.

In unrelated news, I just found out that the new OP and ED of Sword Art Online wont be aired until the 15 episode or so. ;_; Welp, more waiting.

Also, I will be joining a contest soon, and if I win first place, I will hold contests for you guys to get free stuff. Btw, anyone watch Zero Punctuation? *hint hint*.

Piano solo arrangement by tehishter

Original music:
-Composer: ryo
-Arranger: ryo
-Lyricist: ryo
-Vocals: chelly
-Publisher: Aniplex

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