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β-worldline (TV size) → https://youtu.be/B1BIkkvmfrk
Steins;Gate is a true Anime classic and also one of my favorite Anime series of all time and I have lost count how many times I have rewatched it already. It also brought us many memorable memes like El psy congroo, Tuturuu~, Dr. pepper and the Nixie tube clock aka the divergence meter. I might be 9 years too late, but here is finally my piano arrangement for 「Hacking to the Gate」 - the Opening song of Steins;Gate!

This song was a little bit more difficult than usual to arrange because the second verse and second chorus are almost identical to the first one and I have to think of various ways how to avoid sounding repetitive on the piano. The left hand in 01:40 is playing in a higher voice range and it's less rhythmical, compared to the left hand in the first verse in 00:16. Interestingly, the right hand pattern from the very beginning in 00:04 serves quite well as the left hand accompaniment in 01:53 and it gives the piano a certain floating sound.

Since Steins;Gate is an Anime about time travel and different world lines, I also tried to simulate it on the piano during each repeat of the chorus. The first chorus is played in the high register, the second chorus is where the "world line divergence" is happening and the melody is played in two different voice ranges in 02:30. The third chorus in 03:46 has a right hand tremolo, imitating the ticking of a clock and the final chorus has an additional melody in the left hand in 04:00, simulating the "world lines", who are converging together. A similar effect is also audible in the outro part in 04:12, where the melody [C-B-G-G-A] is being repeated in rapid succession in different voice ranges.

Last but not least I also included a short musical Easter egg in the bridge part starting at 03:10. Can you guess which Soundtrack I am quoting in this part?
Alright, that would be everything about Hacking to the Gate. But I have a feeling, I can feel the presence of another "me" in a different worldline. I wonder why....

Well, I guess I will see you next week again as usual! Thank you for listening to my piano arrangement!
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Piano arrangement by Animenz
Original Song: Hacking to the Gate
Anime: Steins;Gate
Published by: 5pb. Inc (2011)
Composed by: Chiyomaru Shikura / 志倉 千代丸
Performed by: Kanako Ito / いとう かなこ

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