Humoresque Rodion Shchedrin by Anastasia Huppmann [Anastasia Huppmann]


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Humoresque - Rodion Shchedrin by Anastasia Huppmann


Rodion Konstantinovich Shchedrin (Russian: Родио́н Константи́нович Щедри́н, romanized: Rodion Konstantinovič Ščedrin, pronounced [rədʲɪˈon kənstɐnʲˈtʲinəvʲɪtɕ ɕːɪˈdrʲin]; born 16 December 1932) is a Soviet and Russian composer and pianist, winner of USSR State Prize (1972), the Lenin Prize (1984), and the State Prize of the Russian Federation (1992), and is a former member of the Inter-regional Deputies Group (1989–1991). He is also a citizen of Lithuania and Spain. Rodion Shchedrin is one of the rare cases in composer's life - he has already become a legend during his life.
Humoresque (or Humoreske) is composed in 1959 and generally is a genre of Romantic music characterized by pieces with fanciful humor in the sense of mood rather than wit.

The name refers to the German term Humoreske, which was given from the 1800s (decade) onward to humorous tales. Many humoresques can be compared to a gigue in their dance-like qualities, and many were used as dance music from the 1700s onwards.

Notable examples of the humoresque style are:

Schumann's Humoreske in B-flat major (Op. 20, 1839)
Noel Rawsthorne's Hornpipe Humoresque (for organ, based on the Sailor's Hornpipe and including parts of "Rule Britannia" and the Widor Toccata)
Dvořák's set of eight Humoresques (Op. 101, 1894), of which No. 7 in G-flat major is well known.

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