If Chopin and Beethoven had a Musical Baby [kylelandry]


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This improvisation features the key signature of 4-flats. It moves through the keys of F Minor and Ab Major. The opening section may remind you a bit of the "Bees" etude by Chopin, and the sections in Ab sections are meant to have a bit of a Beethoven feel, although not as apparent as the Chopin. Either way, you be the judge! I love music, and this is what happens when I sit down and simply play. The music flows out of me. Thank you guys, for always taking the time to listen to my stuff. It's not always about the covers!

P.S. More covers coming soon! I'm planning on doing a "Disney Re:Done" series where I redo all of my top Disney covers from the past with higher quality video and audio with new arrangements.

Stay tuned!

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