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Noble Pope (Kakyoin’s Theme) is a JoJo soundtrack which you might have overlooked at the beginning but once you listen to it, it gets better every time. And before you even realized it, it has entered your top 3 favorite OST list from JoJo Part 3. Or at least, that’s what has happened to me.

[following paragraphs contains Anime SPOILERS read at your own risk!]
This arrangement was made as a direct reference to the JoJo Part 3 Anime in Episode 46. In the final battle against DIO, Kakyoin suffered a fatal blow and In his final moment, he gathered all his strength to deliver one last EMERALD SPLASH to help his allies. The arrangement was structured exactly with this scenery in the second half.

In 1:47, Kakyoin is revealing his Hierophant Barrier in order to trap DIO, followed up by an EMERALD SPLASH barrage in 2:01. The music is doing the same thing: It swells to a loud climax and the three-hand-technique is appearing as well. However, Kakyoin was suddenly fatally wounded in 2:13 and the music immediately dies off, lamenting his fate.

And in 2:28 the piano is playing in the faintest pp possible, with Kakyoin barely hanging on his life. It is swiftly followed by his final emerald splash attack in 02:46, and the music is building up the tension dramatically, rising to an impossibly loud ff – and then suddenly dies off.

Last but not least, I also included a little bit of Jotaro’s Theme in 1:19: I imagined Jotaro acting as backup during Kakoyins Fight. He is just waiting calmly in the background… menacingly… for his revenge on DIO. ゴゴゴゴゴ

Well, that’s it then! I hope you like this kind of story-telling arrangement once in a while! This was “Animenz Explains” for today’s video and next week, I am going to upload a piano arrangement from JoJo Part 4! See you then!


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🎹Piano arrangement by Animenz

Original Song: Noble Pope
Anime: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders
Published by: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment (2014)
Composed by: Yugo Kanno
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