Kigeki (Comedy) – SPY×FAMILY ED [Piano] / Gen Hoshino [Animenz Piano Sheets]


Découvrez la vidéo Kigeki (Comedy) - SPY×FAMILY ED [Piano] / Gen Hoshino de Animenz Piano Sheets sur Le Fil YouTube de Piano Partage.

Spy×Family is one of my favorite anime series of this season and the more I listened to the ending song, the more I wanted to play it on the piano. There are many interesting Jazz chords in this piece and I learned a lot about Jazz while arranging this song.

Sometimes I prefer to “approximate” the jazz chords in order to make them sound less dissonant. A good example would be the chord progression in 1:26 with slightly modified chords. I guess the "classical music" inside me is still trying to make it sound as "smooth" as possible. But at the end of the day, the goal is to make an arrangement which is pleasant to listen.

① Staccato is king 0:04
To keep the relaxed atmosphere of the original song, I paid a lot of attention to emphasize the distinctive staccato sound in the right hand. The pedal is almost never used in 0:04 and 1:32 to make the piano sound as “lightweight” as possible.

② Anya’s “dream” scene in 2:31
The staccato and the accentuated rhythm is the driving force behind this arrangement. But the bridge part in 2:31, a gentle left hand arpeggio is being introduced and the whole atmosphere has changed into a dreamlike state. I was particularly inspired by the ED animation from Spy X Family, where Anya was floating in the sky at the end (while still dreaming).

③ The jazzy “Finale” in 3:28
The final chorus in 2:58 starts very soft but with each repeat of the melody, a new texture is being added into the arrangement. Eventually it evolves into a jazzy improvisation in 3:28, acting as a finale for this piece. I was imagining that Anya is dancing happily in 3:28 without any care in the world. (I think at this point, I might be too obsessed with Anya. But we need to protect her smile. At. All. Cost.)

Since I have been working on jazzy pieces recently, I think it's time to upload a new video on my second YouTube Channel with another classic jazz song this month.
My second channel🎹

Well then, thank you for listening to my piano arrangement of Kigeki! Next time, I will upload a frequently requested song from Shounen anime which I haven't arranged yet on this main channel. Can you guess which song?

See you then!
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🎹Piano arrangement by Animenz

Original Song: Kigeki (Comedy) / 喜劇
Published by: SPEEDSTAR RECORDS (2022)
Composed by: Gen Hoshino
Performed by: Gen Hoshino
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