LA LA LAND – Piano Suite / Medley [ThePandaTooth]


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My piano suite/medley for "La La Land"! It includes songs like "Another Day of Sun", "Someone in the Crowd", "City of Stars", "Epilogue" and more. Full tracklist below!


I hope you enjoyed this medley! I got a ton of requests for this soundtrack. I would have loved to get to it sooner, but the movie only just opened in my country and I definitely wanted to see it before doing a cover. I'm glad I did though! This way I think I could understand the songs a lot better and get the most out of a medley.

This was done by ear, so I don't have any sheets at the moment!

Originally composed by Justin Hurwitz

0:00 Mia and Sebastian's Theme
0:46 Another Day of Sun
2:10 Someone in the Crowd
3:28 City of Stars
4:47 Audition (Fools who Dream)
5:48 Epilogue

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