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To make a request, please do the following. Doing anything outside of the directions will result in your request being ignored. There are no refunds or carrying over requests to the next stream.

1. Requests will only be accepted if a Not Taking Requests sign is not posted on the stream.
2. Requests may fall into three categories: 1. Repertoire requests, 2. Sightreading requests, and 3. Improvisation requests.
3. Requests for all 3 categories are the same: 10 USD Super Chat.
4. Repertoire requests include pieces at
Sightreading requests include any piano solo public-domain worldwide sheet music, and music that is freely available at sheet music sites. Sightreading and improvisation requests are limited to 5 minutes of playing time for a 10 USD Super Chat. If you want to make a sightreading request for 10 minutes of playing time, make a 20 USD Super Chat.

A Super Chat made with any currency that does not convert to the appropriate amount in USD will be ignored.

To make a sightreading request: please do the following in this order: 1. Email the sheet music in PDF format to 2. Make the Super Chat.
If the PDF file is not the email, and you make the Super Chat, Martin has the right to ignore your Super Chat. The Super Chat will not carry forward to any future stream/future request.

Martin Leung, DMA

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