Playing Piano [Video Game Pianist]


Découvrez la vidéo Playing Piano de Video Game Pianist sur Le Fil YouTube de Piano Partage.

Martin Leung aka Video Game Pianist plays piano!

Request Options

$5 Minimum for a Repertoire Request
Repertoire List at:

$10 Minimum for a Sightreading Request
Sightreading is where VGP reads requested sheet music like reading a book. VGP will read music that he has never seen before, and perform the music live with little to no practice before performing the music.

For a sightreading request, please following the following steps:
1. Go to free sheet music sites such as NinSheetMusic, Ichigo's Sheet Music, IMSLP, Mutopia project, musescore, etc., or Google [name of your favorite song/piece] sheet music PDF, where in the brackets you would type in your favorite song/piece.
2. Email the PDF file to Not acceptable: Scans of sheet music from a book or editions of classical piano sheet music that is not in the public domain worldwide (check edition status on IMSLP)
3. If possible, include in the email attribution info, i.e. composer/arranger/transcriber info if not included on the sheet music
4. VGP will sightread music longer than 3 minutes if the Super Chat request is proportionate to $10 Super Chat/3 minutes of sightreading music
5. Send a Super Chat. If the music is highly complex (i.e. a five-voice fugue), VGP will do a brief live practice session of the music before reading the music at as close to tempo or at tempo, whatever is most reasonably possible.

If you have any questions about making request, please ask Chat.

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