Pre-Video Game Pianist Days – Arrangement and Transcription: The Bangles – Eternal Flame [Video Game Pianist]


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Today marks the 15th anniversary I created a piano quintet transcription and arrangement of The Bangles - Eternal Flame on Noteworthy Composer when I was 17. Here's a Noteworthy Composer play through of the transcription and arrangement. Back when I was a senior at University High School in Irvine, California, this transcription and arrangement was for my friends and I to perform at a Junior Classical League banquet in an auditorium at a middle school. Watching and listening to this arrangement brings back memories of the time when I was in high school and simpler days. Looking at the music score, I see youthful passion leaping out of the page. These days my transcriptions are more refined and more clearly express structure while maintaining a certain degree of passion.

I've always thought that music could be a sort of "time capsule" of sorts and could bring at least the arranger of the music back to the time the music was created. In that sense I'd like to composer more, at least to share my love of music, to revel in the power and beauty of music, to create future "time capsules."

It seems that I meant "Leggiero e simplice non cantible" to be "Leggiero e simplice con cantabile," or even better, "Leggiero cantabile e simplice," meaning "Play the music in a light and singing style, and play the music straightforwardly."

By the way, I created this arrangement and transcription before I spent approximately 3,000 hours transcribing video game music. So if you want to be as skilled as me at transcribing music, you have to have, by age 17, at least this level of transcription skill/ear training skills.

I hope you enjoy my arrangement and transcription of The Bangles - Eternal Flame!

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