Scriabin Etude Op 42 No 5 by Anastasia Huppmann [Anastasia Huppmann]


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Scriabin Etude Op 42 No 5 by Anastasia Huppmann

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My very first Scriabin's video! Write in the comments below if you want me to play more of #Scriabin. 🙂
Scriabin's mother was a pianist, his father a diplomat, and he, Alexander Nikolayvich Scriabin was Russia's most unusual composer. During his short life-span of 43 years, Scriabin wrote three symphonies, two symphonic poems, variations for a string quartet, a romance for French horn, a romance for voice, one piano concerto, and more than two hundred compositions for the piano.

The Etudes Op. 42, date to 1903, are among his most rewarding piano works -- works whose nascent modernity point toward the mystical and often weird compositional ideas of his final years. The music here is still post-Romantic, but sounds overripe, pushing out toward new horizons, harmonically, rhythmically, and thematically.

In 1897 he had married the pianist Vera Isakovich , but in 1902 Tatyana Schloezer became his pupil; a romance developed and in 1904 Scriabin and Tatyana travelled to Paris together. They married later despite Russian legal complications. Significantly, the Op 42 Études were the last of Scriabin’s piano music that Vera worked on with him.

Scriabin's Etude op.42 no.5 in c-sharp minor is eloquently marked ‘Affanato’—breathless and anxious. This atmosphere is created by a restless, dense texture and a harmonic language in which nearly every chord is darkened and destabilized by the addition of a seventh. An aspiring second subject, one of Scriabin’s finest melodic inspirations, affords some relief from the grip of nightmare.

Speed, lightness, mobility and ceaseless fluid motion again create the sensation of exhilarating flight.

Here Scriabin's canvas is galactic and his strokes are colossal. The cosmic ship is buffeted by giant breakers, waves that boom and bellow with primal authority. The ship's journey is rebellious and daring, its destiny and destination uncertain.

Scriabin's music is an irrepressible, deeply human desire for freedom, joy, and enjoyment of life. B. Asafyev

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