Shchedrin A la Albeniz played by Anastasia Huppmann [Anastasia Huppmann]


Découvrez la vidéo Shchedrin A la Albeniz played by Anastasia Huppmann de Anastasia Huppmann sur Le Fil YouTube de Piano Partage.

Shchedrin A la Albeniz played by Anastasia Huppmann
Щедри́н В подражание Альбенису | Schtschedrin Im Stile von Albéniz | Shchedrín Imitando a Albeniz | Chtchedrine A la Albéniz


The first Soviet work on my channel is symbolic for me: I love Soviet classical music since my childhood and the music of Rodion Konstantinovich Shchedrin means a lot to me. Hope, you will enjoy this great masterpiece full of passion and anguish, resoluteness and desperation.

Rodion Konstantinovich Shchedrin (Russian: Родио́н Константи́нович Щедри́н, romanized: Rodion Konstantinovič Ščedrin, pronounced [rədʲɪˈon kənstɐnʲˈtʲinəvʲɪtɕ ɕːɪˈdrʲin]; born 16 December 1932) is a Soviet and Russian composer and pianist, winner of USSR State Prize (1972), the Lenin Prize (1984), and the State Prize of the Russian Federation (1992), and is a former member of the Inter-regional Deputies Group (1989–1991). He is also a citizen of Lithuania and Spain. Rodion Shchedrin is one of the rare cases in composer's life - he has already become a legend during his life. The composer Rodion Shchedrin dedicated this masterpiece to his wife Maya: she was a beautiful world-famous Soviet ballet dancer, choreographer, ballet director, and actress. Having become “an international superstar” and a continuous “box office hit throughout the world,” Plisetskaya was treated by the Soviet Union as a favored cultural emissary. Although she toured extensively during the same years that other prominent dancers defected, including Rudolf Nureyev, Natalia Makarova, and Mikhail Baryshnikov, Plisetskaya always refused to defect. In 1991, she published her autobiography, I, Maya Plisetskaya.

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