Silhouette – Naruto Shippuden OP16 [Piano] [Animenz Piano Sheets]


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Silhouette is by far one of my favorite opening songs of the 20 OP songs from Naruto Shippuuden and despite being more than half a decade old, the catchiness of the chorus in Silhouette just never wears off. And before I noticed it I couldn't stop listening to this piece over and over again.

Luckily, the original piece by KANA-BOON is played in D-major and my improvisation level is at the highest in this particular key. I used to improvise contrapuntal pieces during my conservatory years and I always used D-major because it just "feels right". Also, many of my favorite classical music pieces are also written in D-major (the most famous example would be the Canon in D-major by Pachelbel).

I think this arrangement is one of the most challenging arrangements I have uploaded in 2020 because of the polyphonic structure (two or more simultaneous lines of independent melody) I have been using for this piece. Especially the secondary melody in the chorus in 01:05 was a real challenge to play, because you have to play two independent voices with only one hand. The second chorus in 02:02 also features a secondary melody, but this time it's being played by the left hand only.

Overall, I had a lot of fun arranging Silhouette because it reminded me of the Bach pieces I have practiced in the past and I was always fascinated by Bach's polyphonic structure and his brilliant counter melodies. I also started to listen to more classical music as well recently while arranging Silhouette for the piano. And once again I am reminded, why classical music will forever remain timeless because I always get inspired by it, no matter how often I listen to it.

Well then, thank you for listening my piano arrangement! It's time for me to continue watching my Anime backlog and I am curious which song I am going to work on next.

Until next week then!

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Piano arrangement by Animenz
Original Song: Silhouette / シルエット
Anime: Naruto Shippuuden (16th Opening Theme) / ナルト- 疾風伝
Published by: Ki/oon Music (2014)
Composed by: Maguro Taniguchi / 谷口 鮪
Performed by: KANA-BOON

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