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Hi! Welcome to the stream! Activities in this stream, in no particular order, include me playing piano (video game music, classical, improv, etc.,) taking requests, improvising, and sight-reading music.

On Sunday, November 7, I ran my first marathon, the Los Angeles Marathon. I ran it in 3:09:38, and placed 184th out of 8,711.

Some piano tracks on Spotify:

"Tetris Piano Opus No. 1":
"Mario Solo Piano Medley":
"Final Fantasy Solo Piano Medley":

All requests must be accompanied by a 9.99 USD Super Chat (or the equivalent in your currency.)

If you request a 5 minute medley, or a mixing songs, etc. please make a Super Chat of 14.99 USD (or the equivalent in your currency.)

The more people Super Chat, the more VGP will stream!

If you're unable to type in text in your Super Chat, please email your request.

Video Game Pianist performs on a Korg SP-250 electronic piano.

Tears of joy emoji, smiling biceps, and number 1 emoji by Joshua Foley
"Water Jug" oil painting by Harris Johnson

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