The End – U.N. Squadron Performed by Martin Leung [Video Game Pianist]


Découvrez la vidéo The End - U.N. Squadron Performed by Martin Leung de Video Game Pianist sur Le Fil YouTube de Piano Partage.

The End - U.N. Squadron composed by Manami Matsumae (b. 1964) and transcribed and performed by Martin Leung.

Martin performs on a Kawai GX-2 Grand Piano in Downtown Los Angeles.

"Water Jug," 2015
Harris Johnson (b. 1986)
Oil on canvas

Gameplay footage "SNES U.N. Squadron (USA)" created by georgexi and from The video is a tool-assisted speedrun.

The End - U.N. Squadron was requested by VietnameseStyle. Thank you to the following Patreon members: Lee, Drew, Stefan, Vic, Stanley, Erik, David, Frederik, Brian, Florian, Stephen, VietnameseStyle, 88bit, Blackno2, Skydronaut, and Caleb.

The message in the gameplay footage is part of the game and not directed to the viewer. It is definitely not a medical diagnosis.

Thank you for watching!

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