Tony Anderson – Butterflies (Piano) [Akmigone]


Découvrez la vidéo Tony Anderson - Butterflies (Piano) de Akmigone sur Le Fil YouTube de Piano Partage.

Tony Anderson was kind enough to give me the stem files for Butterflies. If you don't know what a Stem file is don't worry, I didn't either but I googled it and pretended I knew to look professional. It's basically all the individual audio tracks so you can listen to them and mix different sections in the track. This was so fun to play around with and I can't thank Tony enough for sending me them. Make sure to listen to his work if you haven't 🙂

Now you might think this song is about butterflies, but you couldn't be more wrong! It's actually supposed to say butter flies, because when you least know it. It does! I sat an practiced this arrangement, and it sure didn't go well, just when I was about to give up I saw it.
It was butter, flying in the air. It was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, it spoke to me and what it said is something I'll never forget:

"stop eating my family on bread you sick human!"

It was a pretty awkward moment after that, but I'm vegan now so it's all good!

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