Undertale OST – Main Theme (Synthesia) [Theishter – Anime on Piano]


Découvrez la vidéo Undertale OST - Main Theme (Synthesia) de Theishter - Anime on Piano sur Le Fil YouTube de Piano Partage.

Hey guys, this is the synthesia tutorial for my piano arrange of Undertale's OST Main Theme!

The synthesia video is rendered by Andrew Concxrtmaster

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Sheets available now on Patreon! (transcribed by Andrew Concxrtmaster)

Next upload sheets will be free for Patreon users, because it's so simple and easy! It's still Undertale music, so this is a hint~

- - - - -

Piano arrangement by Tehishter
Original song:

Published by Toby Fox (distributed by Bandcamp)
Composed by Toby Fox
Arranged by Toby Fox
Performed by Toby Fox and Stephanie MacIntire (Guitar)

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