Video Game Pianist’s Live Stream 1 of 2 (June 18, 2018) [Video Game Pianist]


Découvrez la vidéo Video Game Pianist's Live Stream 1 of 2 (June 18, 2018) de Video Game Pianist sur Le Fil YouTube de Piano Partage.

I will play video game music, host Guess the Theme, and take video game music requests via Super Chat! This stream and the stream chat log will be publicly available a few hours after the stream finishes. People may Super Chat at any time during the stream. Guess the Theme will be "unlocked" after the stream reaches 50 concurrent viewers at any point during the stream.

You may make a video game music request by through Super Chat. Please note that the requested piece must have been composed with the intention for the piece to be in a video game (i.e. rock music played in a car in Grand Theft Auto doesn't fit this category). To make a request, please make a Super Chat of 5 USD* minimum for a piece that I know and is on my repertoire list at, and a Super Chat of 7 USD* minimum for a piece that I do not know. For the piece that I don't know, I will learn it on the spot. Please note that all Super Chats are final. No refunds will be given.

Info about Super Chatting:

* If you use currency other than USD, please make sure your amount is equivalent to the corresponding USD before making a Super Chat. Thank you.

My video game music repertoire:

Live chat rules:
Respect the moderators. Be courteous to everyone. Chat only in English. No channel advertisements. No call-outs or witch-hunt attempts. No swearing. Do not make any requests for me to play unless you make a Super Chat as described above.


“A brilliant pianist” (The Times of London), Martin Leung is ushering in a new era of music. He makes our globe a more joyful place. His piano solos have emerged as historic in both live and recorded performances, and they have changed the way we think of music. He is known for Super Mario Medley: On 19 October 2007, Super Mario Medley became the highest rated video on YouTube Japan. Video Game Pianist performed in 17 countries and at E3, PAX, GDC, German Games Convention, Brasil Game Show, among others.

Reviews and Mentions

"Martin Leung, a pianist who gained fame on YouTube, brought down the house with his signature blindfolded performance of the theme from Super Mario Brothers." - Seth Schiesel, The New York Times

"The concert also included a performance by pianist Martin Leung..." - Grace Jean, The Washington Post

"...A brilliant pianist..." - Leo Cotterell, The Times (United Kingdom)

"Pianist Martin Leung totally rocks the house." - Chris Kohler, Wired

"Martin achieved a staggering degree of Internet fame with a six-minute video ... It's a hilarious, jaw-dislocating virtuoso performance. ...Martin is the gold standard in a shockingly large kingdom of Internet-only Super Mario tributes ..." - Rob Harvilla, Riverfront Times

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