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I might be 3 years too late but I have finally uploaded my piano arrangement of Zen Zen Zense, from the 2016 Anime Movie Kimi no Na wa.

I have improvised this piece many times during my Animenz Live concerts in 2017 and 2018 but each performance was slightly different, because I was always trying out new ideas for my arrangement.

This version is the "final version" of Zen Zen Zense and it's basically a combination of all my improvisation ideas from the past 2 years. It features an Prologue and Epilogue part, an extended final chorus and many rhythmic and melodic variations.

The main idea for his arrangement is the long silence after the "drum break" at 4:00. In this very moment, the listener has travelled to the past to relive his old memories. The melody seems to come from a far away place and for a short moment, the music has come to a complete standstill. The music slowly starts to pick up pace again and finally at 4:47 the listener has returned to the present time again with the final chorus, played by the right hand.

I thought it would be a good way to convey the story of the movie (which involves some time travel) in the music as well.

BTW during my live concerts, some people actually started clapping at the long silence at 4:02 because they thought the music has ended already. I thought it was quite funny, haha.

Alright then.
My Animenz Live 2019 Concert tour in China and South Korea begins at 3rd July and I can't wait to play on the stage again!
I will be back again on Youtube after the final concert.

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See you again! (´・ω・`)


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Piano arrangement by Animenz

Original Song: Zen Zen Zense / 前前前世
Anime: Kimi no na wa. / 君の名は。
Published by: EMI Records Japan
Composed by: Yojiro Noda
Performed by: RADWIMPS

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