Rhaeide – The Calm Amidst The Storm (original composition) [Rhaeide]


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This is an song I originally composed when I was 16 years old for orchestra. At the age of 21, I worked on it again to serve as a piano intro for a bigger project. But only recently I picked it up again and improved it as a standalone piece, reinforcing harmonies, creating refreshing counterpoints and including a brand new ending.

This is a piece of hope and freedom. It's only the storm inside us that prevents us from liberating, because the light is always behind the stormy clouds for us to go forward. We only need to find the way by following our instinct.

Piano: Yamaha p-155b.
Edition: Sony Vegas Pro 13.0.
Composer: Rhaeide.

© The original music belongs to Rhaeide. All rights reserved.

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