Bach – Prelude in D minor BWV851 [MX Chan]


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Love it or loathe it, I seem to have a penchant for playing Baroque pieces in an aggressive staccato style (Examples that comes to mind are my Bach Invention 13 in A minor and Scarlatti K64 Sonata). This little gem is a prelude of turbulent relentless triplets. Many interpretations have a rather slow tempo with a calm, soothing nature. A good example being Andras Schiff. On the other end of the tempo spectrum we have good old Glenn Gould with an almost robotic precision.

I personally feel that this prelude is best suited to be played with more agitation and turbulence in the dynamics, with a bit of playful variation in phrasing. Furthermore, when I looked at the score closely I found numerous ways of bringing out some hidden lines. HJ Lim does this to an extreme ( However, I am only human and can only focus on one hand at a time. Attempting to bring out multiple counterpoint voices simultaneously really does break the brain.

Thus, in the end I mostly stuck with the main melody in the bass line. Some triplets could be a lot cleaner and the tempo could be more consistent with more practice, but I am pretty satisfied with the expressions I managed to convey.

Piano: Estonia L210 (2018)
Sound recording: Zoom H5

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