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Hi! Welcome to the stream! Please read the following on how to make requests. Thank you for your cooperation, and enjoy the show! 🙂

About Video Game Pianist:

All requests must be accompanied by a 9.99 USD Super Chat (or the equivalent in your currency.)

When you make a Super Chat, please write in your message three songs/pieces for VGP to play, in order of preference. VGP will choose the song/piece if he can find sheet music, or play more than one song if one song is relatively short, etc. It is strongly recommended for requesters to do their due diligence and Google if the sheet music is freely available. VGP will only take requests for sheet music that is freely available and readily accessible.

If you request a 5 minute medley, or a mixing songs, etc. please make a Super Chat of 14.99 USD (or the equivalent in your currency.)

The more people Super Chat, the more VGP will stream!

If you're unable to type in text in your Super Chat, please email your request.

If you'd like to make a gift request on behalf of another user, thank you! That is generous of you. However, the responsibility is up to you to clearly state the recipient's request in your initial Super Chat. Therefore, please make sure you know the request that the recipient would like before making the Super Chat with the gift request.

Please don't Super Chat after 9:45 PM PST. No holdovers. VGP has the right to veto any request without giving a reason.

If the number of concurrent viewers drops by 33%, starting from the time VGP starts playing your request, up to the time when he finishes playing your request, you will be banned from making requests for two weeks! For example, if there are 30 concurrent viewers when VGP starts playing "Crazy Etude with Random Note Clusters in Triple Forte," and the viewership drops to 20 or lower when VGP reaches the middle aleatoric section of the piece, the person who made that request will be banned from making requests for the next 2 weeks! Therefore, please request pieces that are pleasant-sounding, melodic, and what the community enjoys listening to!

If you need assistance, please ask a mod or a helpful fellow viewer.

Chat etiquette:
Be cognizant of how long your message is. Avoid posting messages that take up more than 2 lines in Chat. This can cause the flow of chat to be disrupted.
If you'd like VGP to notice your message, Super Chat your message. Otherwise, avoid using @videogamepianist unless there is an urgent matter that needs attention.
Slow mode is not enabled, but please don't hog the chat by writing 3 consecutive times. Let others contribute to the conversation.
Please understand VGP is streaming primarily to play piano and take requests. If you'd like to connect with VGP, you may contact him via social media, i.e. Instagram, Twitter, etc.
Please don't continually bug others to make gift requests.

Video Game Pianist performs on a Shigeru Kawai SK-2 grand piano.

About Martin Leung aka Video Game Pianist

Creator of the Super Mario Medley video (2004)
This viral video was seen by millions around the world in the era before social media existed!

Dr. Leung is the "father" of ushering in the trend of people posting videos of themselves playing video game music on musical instruments, and has inspired many people to learn the piano. Also, he has accomplished his mission statements as Video Game Pianist, including: 1. Make classical music more popular by creating a bridge between the video game music world and the classical music world; 2. Popularize video game music; 3. Popularize the piano.

Dr. Leung has performed at Penny Arcade Expo, E3, Brasil Game Show, German Games Convention, GDC, Comic Conventions in Tampa Bay, Indianapolis, and San Francisco. From 2005-2012 he performed in select shows with Video Games Live, while he was a piano performance major at the University of Southern California (DMA, 2015), Yale University (MM, 2010), and Cleveland Institute of Music (BM, 2008)

Stream Rules
Be positive, keep the chat PG, and be helpful to other viewers and the streamer
Respect the moderators
Do not self-promote
Racism, sexism, and homophobia will result in an immediate ban
Extreme self-deprecation will result in an immediate ban
English only, please
No prying into the streamer's life
Avoid religious and political discussions
Please don't make suggestions on how VGP should run the stream

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