Grieg – Rigaudon (From The Holberg Suite Op. 40) [MX Chan]


Découvrez la vidéo Grieg - Rigaudon (From The Holberg Suite Op. 40) de MX Chan sur Le Fil YouTube de Piano Partage.

The Holberg Suite, Op. 40, subtitled "Suite in olden style" is a suite of five movements based on 18th century dance forms, written by Grieg in 1884 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Dano-Norwegian humanist playwright Ludvig Holberg. It was originally composed for the piano, but a year later was adapted by Grieg himself for string orchestra. ( The fifth movement of the suite is the Rigaudon; a French baroque dance with a lively duple metre.

What a fantastically joyful and lively dance this is! For me this music summons images of a farm in the countryside going through the seasons. It begins in sunny skies, with the orchards lush and bountiful. The cold dark Winter comes in and strips the trees of their leaves. But eventually, the frost thaws, and a joyous Spring returns!

I picked a tempo that was as fast as I could manage without the whole thing falling apart. I found it challenging to keep the left hand passages clear and in tempo. Even more challenging was the consecutive octave passage at 0:46, which has always been difficult with small hands.

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Piano: Estonia L210 (2018)
Sound recording: Zoom H5
Reverb: Adobe Audition: Medium Concert Hall (Crisp)

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