Rachmaninoff Etude Tableau Op 39 No 5 by Anastasia Huppmann [Anastasia Huppmann]


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Rachmaninoff Etude Tableau Op 39 No 5 by Anastasia Huppmann

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The Études-Tableaux Op. 39 is the second opus of piano etudes composed by Sergei Rachmaninoff.

The Opus 39 includes nine études, this, an absolutely extraordinary one, humbly marked as opus 39, number 5 in e-flat minor, is the dramatic peak of both the Op. 33 and Op. 39 sets. Sergei Rachmaninoff composed his Études-Tableaux Op. 39 between 1916 and 1917, during a period of intense study of the works of his friend Alexander Scriabin, which tragically died in 1915.

The études-tableaux Op. 39 are the last works written by Rachmaninoff before he fled Russia with his family to escape the turmoil of the Russian Revolution.

The Étude-Tableau Op. 39 No. 5 in e-flat minor is the most difficult and dramatic of all Rachmaninoff’s études. It’s explosive character is passionate, tumultuous, despairing, and somber. This étude combines the darkest dramatical pathetic and the highest heroic with the deepest possible lyric. The contrast between these two emotion’s groups on the one hand and the enormously rich palette of intensity and nuance on the other hand enrich each listening soul with new emotional colours.

Because of its difficulty in both, harmonic language and pianistic technique, please be sure to give this though, but fragile étude-tableaux Op. 39 No. 5 enough chance to win your heart.

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