Shostakovich – Elegy (Sheet music) (piano transcription) [MX Chan]


Découvrez la vidéo Shostakovich - Elegy (Sheet music) (piano transcription) de MX Chan sur Le Fil YouTube de Piano Partage.

This rare little gem by Shostakovich is from his Ballet Suite No. 3. I stumbled upon a rather simple piano transcription of this piece many years ago, but only recently came across Dmitry Masleev's rendition ( which is a closer representation of the original orchestral score. (

What a sweet and tender melody! I prefer a slightly slower tempo for a calmer, more soothing mood.

Sheet music:

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Piano: Estonia L210 (2018)
Sound recording: Zoom H5
Reverb: Adobe Audition: Medium Concert Hall (Crisp)

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