STEVEN UNIVERSE – Piano Medley Vol. #2 [ThePandaTooth]


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By popular demand, here's my updated version of my Steven Universe piano medley! Including songs like "Here comes a Thought", "Peace and Love", "It's Over", "Stronger Than You" and more. Full tracklist below!
Thank you all for making my original medley such a popular video! I honesty never thought one of my covers would cross the 1 Million mark - let alone 2 Million! So since so many people were asking for it (and also because it was a lot of fun), I re-visited it and added the more popular songs that have come out since I made the medley. Enjoy.
You can watch the original Medley here:


The original music was composed by Aivi Tran, Steven "Surasshu" Velema and Rebecca Sugar. You guys are my heroes.

I do not have the sheets for the full medley at this point, however, you can find the original medley as well as most of the songs I added.

If you want me to make sheet music for the whole medley as it is in this video, you can help make that happen by supporting my on Patreon!

0:04 We Are The Crystal Gems
1:29 Strong in the Real Way
2:16 Do it for Her
3:10 Here Comes a Thought
4:50 Peace and Love (on the Planet Earth)
6:06 Love like You
7:06 It's Over (isn't It)
8:14 Both of You
8:56 Giant Woman
9:40 Full Disclosure (Steven's Lament)
10:32 Stronger than You
12:09 We Are The Crystal Gems (Reprise)

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