Street Piano: Classical vs Blues – People Reaction! [Street Piano Videos]


Découvrez la vidéo Street Piano: Classical vs Blues – People Reaction! de Street Piano Videos sur Le Fil YouTube de Piano Partage.

People reacts to amazing pianists playing Blues and Classical Style at the Street. Choose your best!
00:00 CLASSICAL – George Harliono, Beethoven Waldstein Sonata
00:44 BLUES – Marc Laplace & Steve Villa Massone, Blues Improvisation
01:22 CLASSICAL – Ryss Consessao, Beethoven Moonlight sonata Presto Agitato
02:41 BLUES – Boogie Woogie Improvisation
03:30 CLASSICAL – Steve Villa Massone, Vivaldi Four Seasons
04:38 BLUES – Blues Improvisation
05:16 CLASSICAL – SoRyang, Chopin Grande Polonaise
06:01 BLUES – Dan Popek – Boogie Woogie Improvisation
06:42 CLASSICAL – Steve Villa Massone
07:26 BLUES – Boogie Woogie Improvistion
08:02 CLASSICAL – Valentina Lisitsa , Beethoven Appassionata
08:55 BLUES – Boogie Woogie Improvisation


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