Beethoven – Piano Sonata No. 8 ‘Pathétique’, II. Adagio cantabile [MX Chan]


Découvrez la vidéo Beethoven - Piano Sonata No. 8 'Pathétique', II. Adagio cantabile de MX Chan sur Le Fil YouTube de Piano Partage.

Some more Beethoven to celebrate his 250th Anniversary in 2020.

I learnt this movement all the way back in my teenage years, and I've had a bit of a love-hate relationship with it. On some days I would adore it and yet on others it becomes pure tedium. I love the main theme, however the accompaniment is written in a way that makes it so easy to render this melody dry and mechanical, especially when played at a slow pace. It is also difficult to achieve finger-independent voicing to bring out the singing line (You can see how I had to edit together multiple takes).

It was a couple of years ago that I experimented playing in a way that brings out some inner melodies within the score. For example at 2:10 I bring out the bass voice. And at 3:37 I bring out the tenor voice. Again, somewhat 'sacrilegious' to Beethoven, perhaps. But, oh, it resonates with me!

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Piano: Estonia L210 (2018)
Sound recording: Zoom H5
Reverb: Adobe Audition: Medium Concert Hall (Warm)

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