Filtsch – Adieu! (Op. Posth.) (Sheet) [MX Chan]


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Carl Filtsch (1830 - 1845) was a Transylvanian pianist and composer. He was a child prodigy, and a student of Chopin. Chopin considered Filtsch the most worthy interpreter of his music. Alas, Filtsch passed away in Venice just before his 15th birthday from tuberculosis. Imagine the music he could've created had he lived a full adult life! It is such a shame that such talent was never fully realised to its true potential.

I finally got around to recording this gem. Also subtitled: 'Das Lebewohl von Venedig' (Farewell from Venice). Perhaps one could assume he wrote this on his deathbed, as a final farewell to the world. I would like to think that in his final days he was still passionate about music, and preferred to go out not with a whimper, but with an exclamation! Hence, I interpreted this piece with a faster tempo, leading to a more passionate farewell.

To play this, one does not only need a passionate heart but also a passionate pinky! The pinky melody line is so persistent in this piece. The passage at 1:34 is especially challenging to voice clearly.

As always, I took a fair share of 'creative license' when interpreting this piece. I adored the bittersweet moments of major sections sprinkled throughout the piece, as if he's reminiscing about the happy times of his life. I loved it so much I added some of my own major modulations! Although, I'm curious as to how people would interpret the mysterious and abrupt 'bang' which arrives at 2:11. Perhaps symbolising a sudden and unexpected visit from the Grim Reaper?

A special thank you to one of my subscribers, Will Jolliffe, for introducing me to this obscure composer!

Sheet music:
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Piano: Estonia L210 (2018)
Sound recording: Zoom H5
Reverb: Adobe Audition: Medium Concert Hall (Warm)

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